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Podiatrists: Tom Eckert, DPM David Andreone, DPM


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Tyler, TX Podiatrists (Foot Doctors) – Foot Specialists in East Texas

Looking for an outstanding foot doctor in East Texas?  Welcome to the Podiatry office of Dr. David Andreaone and Dr. Tom Eckert.  Located in Tyler, TX, we specialize in treating surgical and non-surgical foot ailments like heel pain, bunions, in-grown toenails, sprained ankles and much more.

Bone & Joint Disorders

Sports Injuries - Fractures - Osteomyelitis - Gout - Bunions Hammertoes - Sprains

Nail & Skin Disorders

In-grown Toenails - Nail Fungus - Nail Debridement - Athletes Foot Callus & Corns - Warts

Nerve Disorders & Manifestations

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Neuroma Diabetic Foot Care - Rheumatoid Foot - Neuropathy - Plantar fasciitis

Join Us To Help Change Lives!

Our office is proud to be collecting Shoes for Orphan Souls! Your gift will provide a pair of new shoes to a needy child overseas. Many of these children have never owned a new pair of shoes. Join us to help make a difference!

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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday